22:08 21 Iunie 2021
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    • Igor Dodon
      Last update: 17:14 11.09.2017
      17:14 11.09.2017

      Moldovan President Worried about future of Romanian schools in Ukraine

      Moldovan President Igor Dodon expressed concern on Monday about the future of the Romanian and Moldovan ethnic minorities in Ukraine after the country's parliament passed a bill making Ukrainian-language education compulsory for all schoolchildren nationwide, regardless of their ethnicity.

    • Orheiul Vechi
      Last update: 15:55 21.08.2017
      15:55 21.08.2017

      How much do foreign tourists have to pay for a holiday in Moldova?

      Carolina Moldoveanu, the head of a Moldavian travel agency, gave information on rural tourism offers on the domestic market for foreign tourists who want to visit the Moldovan Republic.